NICEIC Platinum Promise

The Platinum Promise covers work undertaken by contractors registered by NICEIC. The NICEIC assesses business on a regular basis to make sure that their work complies with all of the latest regulations.


The Platinum Promise, offered by Able Cable Electricians Ltd, provides extra protection in the very unlikely event they should carry out any work that isn’t compliant or if they cease to trade.


The NICEIC will employ another registered member, at no extra cost to you, to fix any issues.

Need To Make A Claim?

The NECEIC make this process as simple as possible, all they need is a few details from you:

  • Evidence that all other routes have been tried, such as home insurance and other warranties.
  • Copies of invoices, proof of payment for the work carried out.

Then all you need to do is complete a complaints form, which can be found on the NECEIC website, or alternatively can be downloaded HERE. Then just email it to them at


Once submitted, their team will investigate and they will be in touch with you with an outcome of those investigations. If successful, they will appoint a new NECEIC member to visit you to fix the issues.


Please visit the NECEIC website for further information about the Platinum Promise.